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We will accept non-motorised bicycles up to 190cm (75in) in length, provided they are packed in a recognised bicycle bag.

Please ensure that you:
         pack the bike in a protective case or bag
         remove the pedals or fix them inwards
         fix the handlebars sideways

Deflate the tyres to reduce the risk of damage



Bicycles are permitted for carriage provided that specific criteria is met:

The bicycle must be packaged in a bicycle box or bag
Only one bicycle per box/bag is permitted
No other items can be carried in the bicycle box/bag (i.e. clothing)
The handlebars must be flush with the frame.
Pedals must be removed or flush against the frame

Bicycles with hydraulic suspensions or brake systems will be accepted.

A non-refundable fee will be charged. A bicycle can be added at the time of making your booking. Alternatively if you wish to add a bicycle once your booking has been confirmed and your booking was made online at please login to your My easyJet account and go to ‘My bookings'. Click the ‘View’ button on the required booking and 'Add Sports Equipment' from the menu on the right hand side.


A maximum weight of 30kg per item for bikes. These items may be carried in the hold of the aircraft in addition to your personal checked baggage allowance up to a limit of 20 kilos per item upon payment of a discounted online fee of 50 BGP /50 EUR per item (bike), per one way flight. Bicycles - MUST be contained in a protective box or bag.



We accept the carriage of bicycles on a stand-by basis only. Carriage will thus only take place if there is sufficient space available in the hold and is subject to a fee. To ensure the safe carriage of your bicycle, we require that your bicycle be prepared as follows:

Handlebars must be turned and locked in line with the frame.
Pedals must be removed or turned inwards.
The front wheel must be removed and securely attached to the frame.
The tyres must be fully deflated.

The bicycle must be bagged or boxed, wherever possible


Brittany ferries

Rear Bicycle Carrier

There is a small supplement for vehicles fitted with a rear bicycle carrier which is payable at the time of booking.

Please note: The total height of your vehicle is the overall height including carrier.



We recommend that you get in touch with our team to make sure there is space on the train you have chosen before you complete your booking. You can contact us by email at or by phone on 03448 225 822.


French trains

Bagged or boxed bikes

Bikes can travel free of charge on all TGVs and Intercités as regular luggage if they are bagged or boxed as regular luggage.You simply place your bagged/boxed bike in the luggage area as you would a suitcase.

Fully assembled bikes

Some (but not all) TGV and Intercités (including night trains) have space for unbagged bikes (see below).

For services that DO require reservation, you'll need to book your bike in when you buy your ticket (a surcharge of €10 may apply). Tickets can be booked in person at any SNCF ticket office (at stations as well as in some city centres), or via the English-language

Printed and online timetables carry a bike symbol against services that have space for unbagged bikes. Check with station staff when you arrive to see what carriage you should load your bike into and where on the platform you should wait. 

TGV services

Some (but not all) TGVs take fully assembled bikes. You need to check the online timetable or ask at the ticket counter (or by phoning Voyages-SNCF – see website link above) to confirm. If your TGV DOES take fully asembled bikes, your bike MUST be booked in when you buy your ticket.